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Boston Mayor and Casino Mogul Discuss Everett Casino at ‘Productive’ Meeting

Boston Mayor and Casino Mogul Discuss Everett Casino at ‘Productive’ Meeting

A few days after a judge ruled against Boston’s appropriate work to prevent gambling operator Wynn Resorts from building a $1.7-billion casino resort on the Everett waterfront, City Mayor Martin Walsh and casino mogul Steve Wynn discussed the problem behind closed doors, with Mr. Wynn calling the conversations quite ‘helpful.’

The gambling business had been awarded one of three licenses for fully-fledged casinos in Massachusetts into the fall of 2014. Ever since then, Mayor Walsh and Mr. Wynn have now been quarreling within the proposed project. The casino mogul desires to build a 24-story curved glass framework that would feature gambling options, also accommodation, meals and drink, and retail ones.

After the hour-long meeting between Mayor Walsh and Mr. Wynn, Michael Weaver, a spokesperson for the casino company, stated that the conversations had been ‘helpful’ and ‘productive.’ Yet, no agreement had been reached on Tuesday.

Mayor Walsh stated following the meeting he ended up being relatively positive about eventually reaching an agreement that is mutually beneficial Mr. Wynn. The mayor explained that the two parties have already been focusing on typical goals and that the meeting that is last an incredibly effective one.

Yet, Boston’s top official isn’t prone to stop opposing the construction of the casino. He told regional news that it’s their priority that is top to the passions for the city’s residents, particularly the ones that inhabit the Charlestown neighbor hood.