All Saints Church Leamington Hastings Warwickshire

The boundary wall of the All Saints Church Leamington church runs along three sides of the churchyard, the area requiring repair was at the North West corner and was approximately 6m in length and 400mm in width.

The wall had suffered with years of neglect and a combination of root infestation, mortar wash out and damage due to overhanging trees had caused the sandstone copings to decay and to the destabilization of the underlying blue and white lias stone courses.

The church dates from the late 13C and is listed Grade II*

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During October and November 2019 the coping stones requiring replacement and rebedding were recorded, numbered, and taken down. All coping stones were laid out and assessed for their suitability for reuse. On further inspection some coping stones were extremely soft and friable, possibly from being continually wet. All coping stones that were to be retained were taken back to the workshop to dry out and to be repaired if necessary. The remaining wall was covered over and protected from the elements until repair work could start in the spring of 2020.